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Victoria. Victory. Victory. I did it, 50 minutes of strengthening, stretching, stretching. I proudly and somewhat tiredly state that the system is good, since we entered the class in the calendar weeks in advance, which can only be canceled under the burden of losing the principal, so you have to come and do it. Health is important. My friends laugh: “What, Pilates?” Are you the only man there?” Well, yes, because I take private lessons with Viki. But I know there are others too. I can only recommend it. For women, men, children, the elderly. Good luck! György Jaksity

I like going to Viki because…
I always enjoy the classes, even if I’m tired or if I’m not in such a good mood that day. Viki always listens to me. She asks at the beginning of the class how I feel or if I have any pain, if so, she will pay attention to it. The classes are always spent in a very good atmosphere. You can have a great conversation with Viki at the beginning and end of the class and she is very reassuring. What I particularly like are the similes she used to say. For example, “sit like a princess” or “now let’s show you our diamond necklace”. I think this way you can understand the practice much better and enjoy it more. The classes are also very varied, I haven’t gotten bored of any of them yet. There are many types of tasks and Viki is very good at figuring out which ones we do in a day. Even when we are doing the most difficult task, he manages to make me smile.
Thank you Viki for these many exciting and fun hours!
I have been going to the studio to train for five years. Before I started, I didn’t do sports regularly for several years, but my studies forced me to do sedentary work. As a result, I came to Victory Pilates with very bad posture, serious back problems and weak muscles. In both individual and group classes, I received professional and personalized attention, thanks to which my lower back pain completely disappeared, my back and leg muscles became stronger, and I learned to use my muscles consciously. Today, I can’t even imagine my everyday life without the Pilates method. This form of exercise is one of the best long-term investments. I have been training in several places, so I can wholeheartedly recommend Victory Pilates to all those who want to effectively improve their lifestyle with professional tools and methods, all in a friendly environment.

I have been struggling with various joint problems since I was a teenager. Of course, this doesn’t matter so much when you’re young, there are more important things. With small or large omissions, of course only on a hobby level, I tried out the fashionable training forms at that time. Among them were some where after the second time, my back “set in” so much that I could barely walk. I didn’t like that, I tried something else. Then, as time passed, the days were filled with work and family, and regular exercise and sports took a back seat. This year, my life changed radically, which brought out the desire for change in me. The Pilates training method was not unknown to me, because I had read a lot about it, and almost every day I saw the Victory Pilates molino stretched on the fence on Ménesi út (still in the old location). I thought it was high time to introduce this joint-friendly method that works all the muscles of the body.
My decision was strongly influenced by the thank-you letter I read on the site, written to Viki, written by a 75-year-old class member.
I didn’t hesitate, I asked Viki for a private lesson to see what I could do.

I am not a modern day chicken, I have entered my 65th year. I have undergone 2 cervical spine surgeries, and unfortunately I will also have a hip prosthesis at some point, but this does not hinder me in anything during training. I have been going for several weeks and I really like the result. Under the watchful supervision of the instructor, I can do all the personalized movements without joint pain or muscle fever, and my muscles develop spectacularly.

I will continue and thank you for the opportunity.

Dear Viki!

I would like to thank you for accepting me again after a gap of 2 and a half years and treating me with such patience and love. The long-term absence was due to my accident: one night I fell down the stairs, the result was a bilateral condylar fracture, loss of consciousness and concussion – and 3 days in the hospital.

With the help of a titanium splint, 4 plates, 4 screws and 1 support bracket implanted during the operation, my leg was repaired. After 4 days of crutching, I still had to wear a brace for a long time, but I learned to walk again.

This took two years. I continued the medical gymnastics I started in the hospital, and I still do it today, but all other exercise has been left out of my life. When we “accidentally” met on the street last December, I hardly dared to mention whether you would accept me back, because I felt so weak, in fact crippled. But I overcame the uncertainty because I had the positive series of Victory Pilates experiences of the previous 1 and a half years when I came to you.

When you said yes, I couldn’t wait to start. After the first two Pilates sessions, the Gyógytornász, whom I still go to, was amazed: how much more dynamically I move, my muscles are more flexible, and since then he has repeatedly stated that my posture has improved after 5-6 Pilates sessions.

And all this at the age of 75. With this, Viki proved that it is possible to improve even in old age! I thank you very much for that!

I like going to Viki for many things, but the most important thing is that since I’ve been doing pilates my back doesn’t hurt. I came to her before my wedding in a slightly broken state, and by the time the big day came, all the pain was gone thanks to Viki and the masseuse.
During my two pregnancies, Viki helped me stay fit, I attended her classes until the last weeks.
It moves the whole body, develops movement culture, shapes and relaxes. A lot of stretching has brought visible results over the years, and I managed to improve my posture…
I’ve always played sports, but when I heard about Pilates, I didn’t think I’d ever do it, and here it is… I just had to find the right place. The 9 years since I’ve been going to Viki speaks for itself… Dóri (40+)

Thank you so much Viki, for helping me get back on stage! With much love: Barabás Marianna, Ballet de Monte Carlo

Thanks to the best Pilates trainer, Viki, for teaching me more than a decade!

When I joined the online group, it was difficult for me to even bend down, but with the help of Viki’s precise instructions and choreography, my body is improving day by day. The “swan” is my favorite – at first I didn’t even understand what it meant, until my spine finally moved and I could move along with the others like a real ballet dancer. Of course, the best surprise is when I realize that I ran up a flight of stairs or managed to climb out of a water well without help 🙂
Thank you Viki, I wish you many more group “fried fish” and a good workout together with old and new friends!

The classes are very good, they have visible results with my posture and the stretching of my muscles. In addition to my university studies, I can regularly participate in online classes and definitely helps with physical well-being.